02 April 2011

spectacular weekend

This past weekend I joined a group of friends from work on a whale shark tagging trip. The whale sharks have migrated up the Red Sea for the season so the shark-ologists have been going mad trying to put gps tags on the sharks so that they can track their migration and behavior patterns. After this weekend I have decided that people who study giant fish have the coolest job ever! They hang out on boats, drive around, look for their giant fish of interest and then dive off the boat to gather data on the creature. This weekend I got to swim with to two whale sharks, tons of dolphins, a few hammerhead sharks, some manta rays, a turtle, loads of beautiful fish, and with friends from all over europe, africa, and south america. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to scuba on this trip since I have been down with a cold for the past week, but I was still able to have a great time snorkling in the world's most beautiful reefs. How is your weekend shaping up?

ps...look forward to a video of the whale shark, coming soon!

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