27 August 2016

A few weekends ago Pablo's uncle decided to visit us over a long weekend. While the weather was pretty dismal, we made the most of it! After a classic paisa breakfast complete with homemade arepas, quesito, huevito, and colombian coffee, we headed out to Curiñanco for a hike. We lucked out that the rain didn't dampen our day, so we were able to completely enjoy the spectacular olivillo forest and ocean viewpoints. While Valdivia is a much nicer place to visit in summer, it is always enjoyable to have a visitor. Gracias Alberto!!

It only took me two hours to upload these photos and rework the wonky html code... grrr Google...

20 August 2016

Dear Google,

Thank you for discontinuing Picasa. Your new package, Google Photos, is twice as cumbersome and half as useful. One would think that a new photo storage device would at least have all of the features  created fourteen years ago for Picasa, but no, that would be silly! Let's focus on making the site more visually pleasing and less user friendly.  Way to wow me with your new fancy interface, too bad its completely useless. While I will continue to reveal at your scrolling features and clever icons, I am forced to look for another storage device that will allow me to embed photos. 

Its been real, its been fun, its been real fun.

Dear Blog Readers,

There will be a temporary break from posts, or at least those with photos, until I can sort out technical difficulties imposed by dearest Google.

04 August 2016

Pablo, babe, and I were all sad to say good bye to our loved ones in the US of A, but we had a great time. With bellies full of fried chicken and hearts full of love, we feel rejuvenated and ready to tough out the rest of Valdivian winter. We were also happy to share our news about the growth of our family. Come New Years we will be bringing a monster into this world!  
Love you all!

02 August 2016

Good Ol' Rocky Top

It has taken me quite a few years and countless miles traveled to finally figure out that while place is important, the things you do and the people that you surround yourself with are far more important predictors of happiness. A few years ago I stopped running. I let my demons catch up with me and I put them to rest. Now, this doesn't mean that they never resurface, but my moral fiber, support network, and firmly planted feet are able to deal with them.

For awhile, I had felt a great deal of nostalgia for one of the places that I left and not revisited. This place, where I had lived and loved and transitioned from child to adult held such strong memories that had often hit me over the years with a wave of incomprehensible longing. What ifs. Just a few weeks ago, I headed down to the great state of Tennessee after having fled six years ago. As fate would have it, I finally returned to Knoxville to visit a great friend met in Saudi Arabia. My past lives had weirdly come full circle, meeting squarely on the banks of the Tennessee River. 

After the long drive South and a short visit spent walking around town, visiting old haunts, picking up right where we left off, and discussing the future, I feel like I put some closure on that place of the past. It was wonderful to explore where I once lived with both my husband and good friend, but that place is no longer my home, nor do I wish it to be. Rather it is the home of my friends whom I would be happy to visit anywhere in the world.

reunited at last! 

goings on in Market Square

someone is sick of having his picture taken...

Ayres is so quiet on a Sunday morning in July!

Neyland Stadium

very funny boys...

that little blue house...

hangin' out at IC King

It is hard to see in the picture but that is, in fact, a redneck on a pontoon with a giant flag flappin' in the breeze. Amurica, F*** ya! ...Dad, don't get any ideas...

view from the Sunsphere!

29 July 2016

It always surprises me how green Indiana is in summer.

This part of the country that is not often visited by tourists, passerbys, or much of anyone besides the local residents, is a brilliant emerald in summer. The long, hot, humid days with afternoons scattered with rain showers keep the foliage lush; you can feel the transpiration. I look out my window and the well-established suburban neighborhood could almost be mistaken for a jungle; so much so that wild creatures, furry and otherwise, make it nearly impossible to harvest much from a backyard garden.

Summer in Indiana is the time when everything goes wild. Children are released from the over-scheduled confines of school and break forth to run and play at camp. In the evening, the buzz of insects creates a cacophony that can only be silenced by bats swooping overhead. Birds have returned from the south, searching for seeds and mates, while chipmunks create havoc. Even adults are enticed by summer to leave work early to play.

Only vehicle with capacity for 100


20 July 2016

Summer at the lake with lush green grass and lily pads, a dip in the water to cool you off, early morning coffee and donuts on the boat, dogs, water sports, appetizers on the porch, and time with family. You can't beat it. Summer in Indiana is the best.

old wooden boats!

the bridge that causes so much strife!

everyone skiing and showing off!

barefooting at 60+ !!