26 November 2015

And then it did. Snow that is.

Last weekend, we awoke to a winter wonderland. Today, on Thanksgiving Day it has all melted, its not even that cold outside. Indiana weather at its finest, one day below freezing, the next 60F and balmy. While the softness of snow would make this holiday feel particularly cozy as we tuck into piles of stuffing, potatoes, pies, and turkey, we will be thankful for what we have just the same!

Happy Thanksgiving!

21 November 2015

So many little treasures to be found on an autumn day in a magical place.

The ghosts of summers past linger in the fallen leaves, forgotten crafts, and silent valleys. The land is still full of color, but it is quieter, gearing up for winter. The animals graze, slowly putting on a thicker layer. A piece of honey comb lies forsaken in a pile of leaves. The days grow shorter and will soon seem to have hardly come at all. Any day now, and the world will be frozen. 

15 November 2015

November is a magical month.

I had forgotten how golden the light is this time of year in the northern parts of the middle of the west. While most of the brightly colored leaves have fallen to the ground, their warmth is still present like a crunchy carpet. Rich reds mix with browns, oaks, maples, sycamores. There are still a few dots of green, vascular plants preparing for the freeze. Its really the smell that gets me, though. Sweet and earthy. The smell of jumping into piles of leaves, walking home from the bus stop, jean jackets, football games. My childhood comes racing back to me on every inhale. 

It has been a long time since I have had November in Indiana. Maybe almost a decade? But no matter how many years have passed, a little walk with my sisters with the wind and the woods around us, laughter in the air, makes it seem like yesterday. 

13 November 2015

I find myself in the Houston airport.

I'm tired, I have snippets of that movie Aloha flashing through my dazed mind. Country pop music is playing on the intercom. I just witnessed a full blown cowboy, 10 gallon hat and all, getting his boots shined. I am in a time, space, and culture warp.

I was last in the good ol' US of A some 11 (?) months ago. It feels nice to be returning, everything also just feels big. I suppose this not a new feeling for me, I've come and gone enough times by now, but the sheer number of chairs, iphone outlets, burger joints, places to buy stuff, and security people, never ceases to shock.

One more leg and back to the heartland.

10 November 2015

Its my birthday today.

Even though my husband sang to me this morning, it doesn't feel like November the 10th. Maybe that's because its Spring instead of Fall. The season of greens, not the season of pumpkins. Everyday is getting warmer instead of colder.

I've thought back to so many past birthdays. My first one in Chile after I had been here for only two months. A birthday spent battling the flu in the Qatar airport. Some birthdays in Saudi with friends and werewolves. My first trip to France. One in Bermuda. My 21st hiking around a cloud forest with some really great gals. And so many before those with my family, some pie, and often even snow.

Maybe birthdays themselves can't be that special. They are just one more day that we are here. Plodding along, maybe with some cake. But they are a moment to stop, and think, and reflect on where we've been, where we're going, and who holds our hand along the way.

08 November 2015

Our last evening in Argentina, we walked down the hill from where we were staying to the nearby lake. We found a path through an abandoned lot and ran down the the little beach like children. We skipped rocks and played with a visiting dog. We took a group photo and enjoyed the sunset and surrounding ring of mountains.