16 February 2015

So... we had a slightly ridiculous weekend.

Friday night we got wild and went out with some friends for beers and sandwiches.  Good conversation and laughs about expat life in Chile had us leaving the bar well past my bedtime.  Around midnight we strapped our helmets back onto our heads and zoomed out into the night, cycling with the stars overhead and the chilly breeze on our faces.  Arriving home exhausted and tipsy we went straight to bed.  

Little did we know that some other friends had called us during the evening.  When Pablo finally checked his phone and returned the call Saturday morning, mid-grocery shopping, we were soon presented with an offer that we just couldn't turn down.  They said, "In ten minutes we're leaving for the lake, do you want to go?"  Rather than asking for details we just said yes and high-tailed it out of the store, back home, rapidly fed the chickens, and threw some clothes and swim suits into a bag.

We had a wonderful time.  We water skied, and kayaked, swam in cold (!) water, and danced to weird music until 3am.  Here you can see a glimpse of the weekend.  In our rushed departure I forgot my camera!  The photos here are the few we took with Pablo's phone.

roadtrip!  volcanoes in the distance!

oh ya know, just another cowboy on the side of the highway

13 February 2015

Some habits die hard.

The laws of supply and demand might have swung in our favor following our Arabian exodus, but still, there's something nostalgic about home-brew.  The anticipation of bubbling fermentation, the yeasty smell wafting out of the spare bathroom, sterilizing so. many. bottles, and finally, the excitement as you pop the first top.  Thanks to some friends that lent us their gear, we now have 20 liters worth of bottled beer stored in our not-so-large kitchen.  In just a few weeks it will be ready for the tasting... in the meantime, we have our fingers crossed that the bottles don't explode.

09 February 2015

My muse has returned!  (Can a muse be male, or would the male version be muso, or macho, or mi hombre carajo??)

Pablo finally made it back on Saturday afternoon after two entire days of return travel thanks to engine trouble, delays, snow... you know, all the good stuff.  We spent the rest of the weekend just enjoying being at home together.  We picked some blueberries to make jam and muffins, we continued to feed the neighbor's bunnies, and we enjoyed chasing chickens around the yard together.  Everything's always more fun when you're two.  

We seem to have reached the tail end of summer.  The grass is dry and brown, the days are starting to get a bit shorter, the apples and plums on our trees are ripe for the picking, and now we are putting the blanket back on the bed at night.  Fall is just around the corner, I can't wait!

31 January 2015

While the parents were here, we also went out to Terrazas de Centinilla to eat some creative empanadas while sitting, talking, and enjoying the view of the Pacific.  We had two giant plates of empanadas all filled with different sea creatures.  We ate crab and sierra (similar to tuna) empanadas, loco empanadas, and then we tried some of the more adventurous ones filled with cochayuyo, luche, and piure.  I must say that after tasting piure, I am shocked that this thing is so popular in Chile.  Pablo and I will be collecting around 4,000 of these small animals for research and by no means will we be saving leftover specimens for the kitchen.  Not only is it illegal for us to eat our research samples, but the things are disgusting!!

After lunch, we also went up the mountain to Parque Oncol!  

There were tons of little lizards out, like us, they were enjoying the unusually sunny and dry day.

29 January 2015

While my home was a veritable henhouse of activity last week, this week I'm flying solo.  The in laws left and were followed soon after by Pablo.  He heads to France and the US for a week of meetings.  In the meantime, I will hold down the nest(s). Our neighbors/landlords have gone out of town and asked us (now only me) to feed the birds.  Chickens that is.  And do you know what happens when you give chickens corn?  They give you eggs.  Pretty good relationship if I do say so considering that if you give cats corn, all they do is stare at you... or in the case of my Gordo, he eats all your corn.

So, what does one woman do with 10 eggs/ day?  I have asked myself that same question.  Things could get interesting.

25 January 2015

Bright orange vests!  In laws!  Boat ride!  Penguins!!

Such a great combination of things.  Last weekend we drove down south and explored Puerto Varas (more on that coming soon) and Chiloe Island.  Our first excursion in Chiloe after deboarding the ferry was to visit the penguins.  I could kick myself for not bringing the zoom lens, but if you squint maybe you can see them standing up on the rocks.  Our guide explained to us that many of the birds were not swimming because they were getting ready to molt.  Apparently, they also don't eat before they molt.  I felt bad for the little guys.  After swimming across oceans and fending of sea lions and orcas (that would love a penguin treat), these guys then have to stand around in the sun without eating?!  Who knew the life of a penguin was so tough.

24 January 2015

Final photos of Corral!

The tsunami sign and cute little cemetery are not really supposed to go together other than that the photos were taken within a few meters of each other.  Southern Chile is, however, both rainy (potential explanation for above ground graves?) and tectonically active.  The region is known for its earthquakes.  Since we've been here, we've felt two little ones.  The second one I actually didn't feel at all, and the first one was little more than a jiggle.  But when the earth is moving about, its possible to get waves, enormous waves, of the tsunami variety.  All around Corral were signs for tsunami evacuation routes.  I was wondering how useful those very steep, over grown paths would be in a real emergency.  I don't think we'll move to Corral anytime soon.

In other news, the past two weeks Pablo's parents have been visiting us!  We went on some fun adventures together that I hope to share with you soon.  In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!