29 July 2016

It always surprises me how green Indiana is in summer.

This part of the country that is not often visited by tourists, passerbys, or much of anyone besides the local residents, is a brilliant emerald in summer. The long, hot, humid days with afternoons scattered with rain showers keep the foliage lush; you can feel the transpiration. I look out my window and the well-established suburban neighborhood could almost be mistaken for a jungle; so much so that wild creatures, furry and otherwise, make it nearly impossible to harvest much from a backyard garden.

Summer in Indiana is the time when everything goes wild. Children are released from the over-scheduled confines of school and break forth to run and play at camp. In the evening, the buzz of insects creates a cacophony that can only be silenced by bats swooping overhead. Birds have returned from the south, searching for seeds and mates, while chipmunks create havoc. Even adults are enticed by summer to leave work early to play.

Only vehicle with capacity for 100


20 July 2016

Summer at the lake with lush green grass and lily pads, a dip in the water to cool you off, early morning coffee and donuts on the boat, dogs, water sports, appetizers on the porch, and time with family. You can't beat it. Summer in Indiana is the best.

old wooden boats!

the bridge that causes so much strife!

everyone skiing and showing off!

barefooting at 60+ !!

16 July 2016

We are in transit. 

Unfortunately, not so stylishly in a 1950 Studebaker Champion, rather packed like sardines in a 747. I thought that our layover in Houston, en route to Indiana, was a perfect opportunity to share some photos with you of the very impressive automobile museum that we visited on our way home from our anniversary trip. Located in, literally, the middle of nowhere southern Chile, this gem of a fetish museum took me by surprise. Pablo had heard about the museum from a friend and when he stopped  in front of a little old barn to check out some old cars I must admit I was not overly enthused. But when the tiny woman turned on the lights to the show room, we were both quite shocked. One more of those strange mysteries of the south... here, in an unassuming building off the side of a two lane road is the world's largest collection of Studebaker automobiles. Who would have thought, right?? Along with the Studebakers were some Model Ts, and even a 1960 Ford Anglia... yes that would be the car that was eaten by the Whomping Willow. 

When you set out on an adventure, whether it be a weekend get-away or a round-the-world trip, you never know what surprises await you. Sometimes they're unique finds like the Museo de Autos other times they are missed flights, logistical headaches, and resolution that ultimately bring you closer together. All in all, I think the adventures are worth it.

27 June 2016

Just a few days after our anniversary retreat, Pablo headed off to Hawaii for a conference and I stayed to hold down the fort. While I do think that I have coped quite well in his absence... despite cursing winter and my wood-burning stove more than once... I am excited for his return! With sharing a home, car, and professional life, we are usually together about about 95% of the time. Perhaps unlike most modern couples, we commute together, we eat three meals a day together, we cook together, we plot to kill our cat together, you get the picture. And although that can cause its own kind of strain, being apart is disorienting. There are positives... like no tools or bits of paper strewn around the house, no one to tell you to pick up your mess, quiet, the couch all to yourself... but those certainly do not out weigh the negatives. There's nothing like having your best friend by your side.

19 June 2016

We celebrated the survival of another year of marriage at the Termas de Puyehue!

We decided to treat ourselves and get away for the weekend. We indulged without guilt, warmed our bodies in the hot springs, and enjoyed the beautiful property of Puyehue.

view from the room, not too shabby!

chilean wine? pisco sour? why not both!

the old enclosure of one of the springs, the modern pools that are now visited by guests might be more convenient but they lack the rustic charm of old

horses! you know how I feel about horses :)

te amo mamor!