19 October 2014

We left the city and entered the forest.  The trees are so tall and green, when the sun is out to filter through their leaves, it is really beautiful.  

We drove and we drove and we drove.  I started to get the feeling that maybe we were lost, we had turned off the main road onto a dirt path what seemed like many hours ago, but then, just when I was about to say, "uh, where the heck are we?" there was a clearing in the trees and we got our first glimpse of the surrounding snow-capped volcanoes!  I know, right, v.o.l.c.a.n.o.e.s!  I also had no idea that we were living right next to lava spouting mountains.  Quite impressive, one day we will make a trip to visit them too.  But, we snapped some photos and pushed on and as we reached the top of the little incline that we were climbing, we were graced with yet another spectacular vista!  The sight of the sea with only New Zealand on the other side.  And it is funny here because that million dollar view belongs not to some movie star or billionaire, nope, it is just a bunch of sheep that wake up to that everyday.  

Oh, Chile, you are something else :)

17 October 2014

This weekend we are having upwards of 30 people over for the inaugural Asado y Frijolada at our house.  If you have seen the pictures of our little less-than-100sqm abode you might feel a bit nervous (like I do) that there exists the possibility that everyone might not actually fit inside.  Let's hope it doesn't rain :)

Last weekend, however, we decided to get out of the city and do a bit of hiking in one of the nearby parks.  The weather was beautiful and the scenery, even more so.  We live in the Los Rios region and as the name states, there are many of rivers that loop in and around the city.  The university where Pablo works is actually located on an island in the middle of one of the rivers.  So, to get out of town, we cross over first one bridge from our house, then another bridge onto the island, and then another bridge off the island onto the other shore.  Here are just a few snapshots of scenes from the car.  

15 October 2014

We aren't in Saudi anymore Totto.  It gets cold in southern Chile.  But luckily we have a nice little wood burning stove to heat things up.  Our house, like almost all others here, doesn't have central heat.  As they say, heat your house with wood and you will warm twice.  Once when you chop it, once when you burn it.  Which is no joke.  It will be 40F/10C outside and Pablo will be in a t-shirt, tossing that axe.  I have to say though, when I first heard that our house didn't have heat, and then I checked the average weather in Valdivia, I was worried.  Not because I have never experienced the cold, no, winter in Indiana is cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table.  But not inside our houses!  With the thermostat set to 75, its summer all year round.  But now, after over a month in Chile I see that the wood stove is great.  Not only does it heat the house extremely fast (though maybe this wouldn't be so with more than 700sq/ft and good German insulation techniques), its romantic, and it produces dry heat.  With living in the rainiest spot on the planet, this last one is pretty important.  If you heat your house, but it is still humid, good luck trying to stay warm.  

So, I, and the cats, are hooked.  We sit by the fire (or in some cases under the fire) and listen to the wood crackle and pop while the rain pours down outside.  Couldn't be cozier :)

Loco laying on top of the wood under the stove!

11 October 2014

Our other neighbors.  Aren't they sooo ka-yoot!!  
... Except for when they get big.  Like the big daddy below.  Seriously, he must be as big as a mid-sized elephant.  Luckily, though, these beasts don't know how dangerous they could be.  They flee every time I try to say hello or offer them a bit of fresh grass.  

and look at this one, he's like a rhinoceros!! 

and while they don't seem very interested in being petted, they sure do give me some serious looks

I like them cows.

09 October 2014

There is no sense in going to the market if you don't make something delicious from your findings.  This past week we bought lots of greens and funny colored eggs and purple potatoes and spinach and tomatoes just to name a few.  With the sun streaming in the windows Sunday night, we (Pablo) flipped out a perfect fritata which we enjoyed with a nice glass of wine (I am so happy to no longer have only homemade bootleg fermented grape juice in the cupboard!!)

I think Gordo approved too.

And then later this week I got really ambitious and tried out Aga's Pierogi recipe again.  Soo many tiny little circles to later fill and fold and press!  They turned out more like ravioli, so we topped them with tomato sauce (I know, Polish people the world over are cringing), but they were tasty none the less.

06 October 2014

Its been awhile since I've posted anything.  Life has been surprising busy.  Pablo has been working long hours, I've been helping him out with some projects, and in general, we have been busy finding a new rhythm in our new life.  We have been out "dating" other couples and groups of people to find new friends.  We've been seeding, and gardening, composting, and trying not to annoy our landlord.  We've been fending off angry dogs while running down our dirt road, and enjoying real wine on our patio watching the sun set.  I've been dealing with the emotional upheaval of not being able to fully express myself or understand others thanks to a new language and dialect.  And Pablo has been learning how to deal with undergrads.  But little by little, we are figuring it out and mostly, we are relearning that it will all come in time.

A new little addition to our weekend routine includes going to the giant Feria on Sundays.  We take our big backpack and load it up with most of what we need for the week.  This outdoor ordeal is more than just a farmer's market.  You can find anything from old segagenesis sets, to children's clothes, to any kind of fresh produce (besides broccoli) that you can think of.  It is a smorgasbord of sights and smells.  

man who sells buena nalca (the strange stem below)!!  We have yet to try this one

puppies in a box!  Irresistible! 

favorite aguacate vendor


old man selling bread 

hey wait, I think I know that guy ^^

Guinea pig, food or friend?