21 August 2017

Today it is gray and rainy, and tonight we are supposed to get gale force winds. We hope that our little house on the hill will hold fast and shelter us through the storm. We have had a few tempestads already this winter, and when the wind is really howling I am reminded of times at sea.

Waves lapping against the sides, the sky darkens, on the horizon you can see the wall of weather coming near. The ship starts to roll. At first you feel exhilarated. The wind pushes life into your lungs. You hold onto the side and feel the energy of the boiling ocean. Up and down you move, keeping an eye to where the sea meets the sky. 

Right now it is like that. The wind is picking up. The view of the valley below has gone dark. We light the candles and chimney for comfort. But this ship is new to us. We are are still getting used to the the weight of her tiller. We hope that the mast will hold. We have patched her sails and given her a new coat of paint, but when the big swell comes, we hope that she will stay upright.

 More photos of the house after the break

 The hull, before and after. The previous owner asked us if we would like to buy the chimney, because, here, that does not come with the house. We obligingly did so, and the owner was kind enough to throw in the little painting of the house in the hills. I like it and have kept it in its original location.
 a few additions
The galley, before, during, and after. As the heart of our home, the space that we spend the most time in, we decided not to skimp. 
Photo above was the kitchen when we moved in. No stove, no sink, no oven, two adults, one baby. Pablo was very busy.
Ana's room, before and after.
brand new head