26 February 2017

We bought a house!

Rather, the bank bought a house and is letting us live in it... but we are really excited! As with all things in Chile, the process has been a long one, and we still won't move in for another month or two, but finally the paperwork is complete and the house is ours. 

So now with a two month old baby, a new house, on-going renovation work, and dreaming up garden and chicken coop designs, we are really busy! Even still, this moment in our lives feels impossibly sweet. Summer here might be turning to Fall, but we are entering Spring with all of the fresh new additions blossoming in our life. 


  1. Wow, what a beautiful home you have. I bet you are excited that you are now finally able to make it your own, especially with a new baby! I love the wood paneling and those views from your window are stunning. What a gorgeous sight to get to wake up to every day! Enjoy your new home!