28 March 2017

The last three months...

As we nestle into Fall, we look back on our first sweet summer with baby girl. We were graced with many visitors that were just as eager to meet Ana as we were. We battled out the hottest days under the shade of the roble trees and baby girl splashed in her new bath tub. We tried out new sunglasses and took many walks, getting to know all of the plants and animals in our neighborhood. 

Time seems to have flown by and now our little lovey is no longer a newborn. She grew like a weed in the summer sunshine; now many little too-tight clothes are stored away. As Ana moves into her third month of life, we see her personality starting to show, shining bright like her still-blue eyes. We are loving this phase of goos and gaas and toothless smiles, yet we know that it too will pass before we fully cherish it. We wonder what the next season will bring. 


  1. She looks so teeny in some of those photos and SO MUCH bigger in other ones! But either way, she is still my perfect niece!!

  2. She makes me giggle...what a cutie! Love my little Ana!

  3. there are many legends of kaust. yours is one i revere. it has truly made me smile looking into and back in your life and reflecting on mine. from ksa, veronica.