29 May 2011


My dad endured the 24+ hour trip from middle America to the Middle East. I am so glad that I got to show him a little bit of my life here. We ate the traditional Arabic mezza and we enjoyed playing in the Red Sea and snorkeling in the world's most pristine reefs. We selected freshly caught hammour, nagil, parrotfish, and shrimp to be prepared for our dinner for six- two Hoosiers, one Mexican, one Norwegian, one German, and one Canadian. We visited the Souk and found the Middle East's version of Walmart. We played in the sun and had the long discussions that only a father and daughter can have. I feel so blessed to have a dad that has supported me in all of my crazy life decisions. I am loving my job, friends, and life here in the Middle East, but I do miss my family and friends back at home just as intensely. Some people chose never to leave their hometown, some people choose travel the world. I think no matter which path you choose, sacrifices have to be made along the way and I guess the trick is sorting out if the sacrifices are worth it.

Thank you family and friends for supporting me. Even if I can't be with you know that my love is the same.

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