15 July 2011

wacky adventure: part 2, freedomland

After celebrating my very first Canada Day, we packed up our bags and prepared for Wacky Adventure: part two. A note to travelers- do NOT try to fly to the United States from Canada on July 2nd. Most of the US customs officials were on holiday and the airport was packed! We very nearly missed our flight. We waited in customs (this is done on the Canadian side) for hours and when we finally got through, our names were being called on the loud speaker as a final boarding call. Luckily, we booked it through security, sprinted to our gate, and made it just in the nick of time. We had a quick flight, Mom picked us up at the Indianapolis airport and then we hit the road to the lake.

The boy was overwhelmed with the magnitude of patriotism in the heartland. He said he saw more American flags on the trip to the lake then he has seen Canadian flags in his entire life!

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