31 August 2011

Dimaniyat Islands

On our first full day in Muscat we decided to go diving. The local dive center, after pushing the boat into the sea, ferried us out to the Dimaniyat Islands. Unfortunately, the visibility was very poor as there was a ton of plankton in the water. We were still able to spot loads of pufferfish, GIANT eels (seriously these guys were about a foot in width and 6-10ft in length), and even a few sponges! The water was also freezing compared to our bathtub-like Red Sea. After using leaky regulators and holey wetsuits, we all also decided that in the future we would definitely bring our own gear rather than renting it. It can be a pain to travel with a full set of scuba equipment, but feeling comfortable with your gear is well worth the hassle!

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