13 September 2011

Omani Adventure Finale


For the last few days of the Omani Adventure, we chillaxed in Salalah which is in the southern region of Oman, near the border of Yemen.  After just a 2 hour plane ride, we landed in a completely different climate.  The breeze was cool, the mountains were green, and it even rained!  We met up with two other friends there and enjoyed the kelp strewn beaches, roaming camels, hotel spa, and spotting enticing waves in the distance (I would love to go back here with a board!).  Unfortunately it was still Ramadan so the swim-up bar was decidedly closed, as were most of the restaurants during the day.  Regardless, we finished out the trip to Oman with a bang and all vowed to return (not during the Holy month) sometime in the future!

So, if you ever make your way to the Middle East, I would definitely recommend checking out Oman.  The government is stable, the country is well run, the geography is beautiful, and the culture is very colorful!

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