13 December 2011

dive your brains out

Wow, it is almost the weekend and I haven't even properly posted about last weekend!  This week has been insane.  Between research, finishing up end of the year things, entertaining/ babysitting visitors in the lab, and diving five out of the past six days, I have been busy!  

This weekend was great, though.  About 15 of us rented a boat for the weekend and dove our brains out.  Some of the guys tested out their rebreathers which allows them to stay at depth for 4 hours!  I was proud of myself for reaching my deepest depth at 40 meters.  After this week of so much diving I feel that my skills have really improved.

For our boat trip, we went to the south, where the water is a bit warmer (27-29C still feels cold to us!) and where the reefs are fantastic.  Truly gorgeous corals, fish, sharks, turtles and of course sponges were seen.  On several occasions I missed the giant school of barracuda that passed me and about ran into a moray eel because I was too focused on looking at the sponges!  They're just so darn cute!

Have a great rest of your week, who knows what the weekend might bring!

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