27 January 2012

all roads lead to Jeddah

I co-piloted an expedition to Jeddah this past weekend.  It was the driver's first time driving in Saudi and my first time being in charge of directions.  The people in this country drive crazy.  If you are in the left most lane and they want to pass you, why not just use the 4ft wide shoulder?  You have 10 kids in the back of the car and you're going 160km/ hr.  Safe.  Real safe.  

We saw loads of army tanks being transported along the highway, not sure what that is all about, but we made it safely to Jeddah and back.  We visited Ikea (yes, we have this crazy Swedish store, complete with Billy Bookcases) and Al Balad.  We left at 2pm and returned at 9:30pm.  All I can say is praise Allah for imaps.


  1. Have there been any developments in women driving in Saudi? I remember a buzz last year when some women were protesting but haven't heard anything in awhile. Glad you made it back in one piece!

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