16 January 2012


With the camera on its last ounce of battery, we visited the Alumbrados, or the city's famous Christmas lights, and captured my last photo in Colombia.  We walked along the river bank and admired the billions of lights that are constructed into new scenes every year by the electric company.  This year's display illustrated all of the different neighborhoods, or barios, of the city.  It was a perfect recap of everything I had seen that day touring the city.

After a beer, my very first taste of Chunchurria (gross!!!), possibly the most romantic date of my life, salsa dancing in a Che filled bar, and too many shots of Aguardiente, we headed home with this song and mountain breezes streaming through the open windows.  With this, I ended the night and my trip to Latin America.  It was glorious.  One day, I will return.

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