24 February 2012


What the heck are they doing wearing those surgical masks?  Do they think I am gross, that they are going to catch something from me?  Do I smell bad?  Do they have an ugly nose that they are trying to hide?  I had often wondered these things when I saw Asians abroad.  Never, would I ever, put on one of those silly masks in public.  Not exactly the coolest accessory.  But now, after going to Hong Kong, I have learned that Asians (Chinese) are just being really considerate when they put on the mask.  They wear these when they are sick (not the other way around)!  After the SARS and avian bird flu epidemics, Hong Kong is really conscious about not spreading diseases.  Along with the masks, many public places are sterilized every hour (elevators, escalators, hand rails).  Thanks Asia for not spreading your germs!

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