19 February 2012

Hiking Hong Kong Finale

And then... the jungle parted and the surf was before us!  Just mere miles from the city is this almost completely secluded beach.  We enjoyed the crash of the waves against the shore, we bit back our frustration at not having boards (and 5m with hoodies, its cold!) with us, and we shared some Chinese "drink."  My friend brought this back with him from mainland China, it has not yet been approved by the Hong Kong health boards.  This drink is supposed to "calm your inner fire" when eating Hot Pot.  I don't know about the calming the fire bit, but its rooty flavor was interesting.  

After exploring a few beaches, we made our way up up up, back to the bus stop.  It was an amazing hike, thank you friend for showing me this beautiful side of Hong Kong!

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  1. wow! i was not expecting that! what a nice surprise.