06 February 2012

stilettos, pumps, and little red lanterns

My first trip to the city and I exit the metro station to find that I have walked into the middle of a fashion shoot.  I think it was for Nine West according to the lettered suitcase props.  The models looked like giants compared to the tiny asians that had gathered around to see what was going on.  As I avoided getting run over by one of the eight 7ft tall gazelles in stilettos, I made my way across the street, passing Coach, LV and Chanel.  As much as my inner diva might cry out, those $2,000 Christian Louboutin pumps could buy a month worth of travel.  I will pass on the shoes and opt for the adventure.

Central is a pretty interesting place.  In between the haute couture are alleyways full of peddlers selling their wares- piles of shoes, chinese dresses, little baskets, traditional medicines and red lanterns- remind you that you are still definitely in China.  If you look hard enough, tucked between the busy streets, you can find a little cafe with a nice porch that is the perfect place to watch the crowds go by.

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