18 March 2012

camping in the desert

Some people think, what is the point of camping?  My own bed is much more comfortable than the ground, my own kitchen is much more sanitary, at home I have air conditioning and TV and I don't have to haul my drinking water down a freakin' mountain.  

But I think, when you get outside and you hear the dragonflies buzzing above your head, and you see the sun setting over some mountains, and you get so dirty that you can't even smell yourself anymore, you remember how basic life is.  You remember to take in the simple pleasures.  You feel accomplishment in achieving the smallest tasks, like building a fire or organizing your things in that little 5 by 6 nylon construct you call home.  You remember that you will live without a shower for a few days, but you will not live without drinking water.  You don't need a computer or ipad or television to keep you entertained, you can enjoy good conversation with friends.

It had been over a year since I had gone camping.  I have to say, it is not easiest thing to do in this country where females can't drive and aren't really supposed to leave home without a male family guardian and a long black gown.  But it is possible, and it felt so good to get outside.

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