27 April 2012

Jeddah --> Barcelona via Cairo

Arriving in Cairo in the middle of the night to await a 9 hour layover is not the most desirable way to travel.  I found EgyptAir to be a rather gross airline, but they were nice enough to book us a free hotel room for our layover.  We just had to hand over our passports to the Egyptian officials (this made me a bit uncomfortable), and load into the bus with our fellow pilgrims.  The fact that they were returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca and we were traveling the earth in search of the Holy Grail, filled with Mojitos, didn't seem to matter given everyone's state of exhaustion.  We were lucky enough to be taken to a sweet hotel where A. smoking is allowed in the loby B. there is a discotec on the second floor and C. two guys checked all of us in while the rest of the hotel staff checked their facebook pages (see image two above), but overall I really appreciated a clean-enough bed and shower in transit!

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