12 April 2012

rough seas, pirates, and pink fins

On day 2 of Al Lith Trip Extravaganza, we tried to head out to the outer reefs for some really nice pristine diving.  Unfortunately, the winds picked up and the seas were rough.  I was white knuckled and green faced holding onto the side of the boat trying to keep my eye on the horizon to not get sick.  We pushed on for over an hour and still having only made it half way to the outer reefs and surfing the boat on the large rolly waves, the captain decided it was best if we head for shelter at a small nearby island.  So, we slowly side sailed the waves to the island, passing what looked to be a pirate boat along the way.  We stopped for a dive and lunch and my seasickness disappeared and I was a happy camper again.

...and yes, I have a thing for pink dive gear :)  I would recommend the Cressi Women's Travelight BC to all lady divers!!

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  1. I love seeing all the different colors in the water.