28 May 2012

Fira in May

It almost aches with cuteness.  Nestled into the volcanic hills of an Aegean-stranded island, the little pink and white buildings promise a more relaxed, fresh way to pass the days.  Sitting on the terraces, sipping espresso, watching the mist roll in across the caldera.  No doubt, in summer the peace is broken by the socks and sandal footed hoards of tourists that flock to this picturesque oasis.  But in May, with no one but the occasional cruise-goer, Fira is quiet.  You are the only one in the restaurant, your hotel is just for you, and you might be bombarded a bit by shopkeepers hawking their wares, but that is just because one one else is around for buying.  Take my advice, go to Santorini mid- May.  It is quiet and the weather is perfect.

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