12 May 2012

me and a car full of francophones driving around Mallorca

Once again... I am the biggest blog-slacker EVER!  But... I have an excuse, the past week I have been hanging out in GREECE having wayyyy too much fun to get on the computer!

So... let me finish us the Barcelona/ Mallorca story before I move on to Greece...

After our evening in Barcelona, we packed up again and caught a cheap Vueling flight to Mallorca.  There, we picked up the rental car and filled it with the Frenchies and la Italiana- friends of Pablo's from Perpignan.  For the next few days, we drove around the island, checking out the cute little towns, eating and drinking our way through Spain...

photo credits go to the guy holding the camera, thanks Erwan!

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  1. Looks like you're having lots of fun! I love that fisheye shot of you all together. Looks like it could be a publicity shot of some kind. ;)