13 May 2012

Palma, foto, friends

Palma is soo KA-YOOT!  A little bit French and a lot bit Spanish, it was great to wander around town through the narrow streets admiring the colonial architecture.  I love the brightly colored facades and strong marble columns.  We window shopped for a bit until we found our way to a Plaza where we stopped for a beer or three and a photography lesson... foto goals for 2012: learn to really maximize my manual settings quickly, really understand what ISO means, buy a fish-eye lens :)

foto credits: 1-6 me, 7 pablo, 8-9 erwan

1 comment:

  1. My summer goal is to practice manual mode on my camera. I need to feel more confident so I don't keep setting it back to Aperture Mode in the moment. I'm always too worried I'll miss a good shot! Love these photos. Looks like you had a blast. And fisheye lenses are fun!