29 June 2012

coffee, mimosas, and hairspray

Getting beautified is exhausting!
Mimosas to start a very long day.....
making a bride....

We went to bed at who-knows-what-time after the rehearsal dinner the night before the big day and then we were up at 7am the next morning to primp and prepare for the afternoon wedding!  I had no idea how exhausting beautification is but with loads of coffee, mimosas, and hairspray we had a great time and left the house feeling beautiful.  

Everyone looked stunning and it was really nice to just hang out with the ladies before the ceremony.  Perhaps some might think this girlie stuff is silly, but I think its times like these that unite our gender and remind us that there are just some things you can't do with your husband or boyfriend, or guy friends.  It is these rituals that we share with each other, like preparing your best friend for one of the biggest days of her life, that strengthen our bonds as women and as friends.

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