11 June 2012

cruising the Aegean part II

After our delicious dinner cooked aboard by our two crew members/ heart throbs, we finished the evening with fruit and a beautiful sunset.  It got chilly as the sun went down so we donned our jackets and sweatshirts and huddled in the stern.  We watched the little churches along the cliffs pass by and imagined what it would be like to praise god in such a stunning place.  I don't think we could have had a more relaxing evening.  I'm not sure exactly what it is about large bodies of water that is so calming.  Whether it is a lake, ocean, sea, or even a large pond, it just makes you want to sit back, relax and watch the world pass by.

I am sorry I am late in finishing up the Greece trip postings.  Right now I am in Indiana enjoying the lake and time with family and friends.  More stories to come, check out extra photos here.


  1. Lovely photos! It looks like the perfect cruise and leaves me longing for the sea!!

  2. Really outstanding photo's Em. Some people and places I recognize, some totally not.

    keep sending pic's to your blog