08 July 2012

guest post: Jill

Hey Everyone-

Our first guest post comes from Jill from Battered Suitcases.  Jill is an experienced traveler, teacher, and finder of novelty snacks.  She was recently living in United Arab Emirates and is now back, adventuring in North America.  Thanks, Jill for posting!

On a desert safari in Abu Dhabi, UAE

What makes your life sweet?

My life is made sweet by my incredibly supportive family. When I first told my parents I was ready to travel at age 16, their response was to encourage and support my determination to go to England. They listened to my ideas, looked through the research I had compiled, and worked with me to create a plan to finance the trip. That year I spent the month of July in a small town outside London. It was just the beginning.

My dad, the epitome of a proud parent.

Camping with my mom in UAE.

Years later when an opportunity came for me to move abroad, my parents (and sister) again supported my decision and were excited for my future. Of course, they would probably prefer I stay closer to home, but I've never been made to feel guilty for choosing to live the past three years of my life overseas. I know that the travel and life decisions I make in the future will be supported as well.

Sippin' Cox's Apple Juice on the  beach in UAE with my sister.

Having my parents' behind me that summer when I was 16 set me up for a lifetime of travel and exploration. I don't think I would be quite as adventurous today without them, and of course my life just wouldn't be as sweet.

Kathmandu, Nepal / Luang Prabang, Laos

What makes your life a bit of a sticky mess at times?

What sometimes makes my life a bit of a sticky mess is directly related to what makes my life so sweet. Living overseas and traveling means missing out on whatever is happening back home. I've missed holidays, weddings, births, and birthdays. The worst is knowing someone close to you is going through a difficult time and not being physically present to support or comfort them. Thankfully, modern technology provides opportunities to communicate with loved ones...but it really isn't the same.

Copenhagen, Denmark / Venice, Italy

Sizing up the pyramids in Egypt / Novelty snacking in Jordan

Thank you, Em, for inviting me over to your sweet little blog today!


  1. Thanks for having me, Em! It was a fun little project to think over and put together.

  2. Love these photos (and I love Jill's blog, too).