09 September 2012

Day 1

After signing our lives away on the Kilimanjaro ledger, we set out from Machame Gate for Machame Hut, our first campsite.  We hiked for six hours, 3000m up, through the cloud forest and along the way, sighted Impatiens Kilimanjaro, crazy forest ants, and lots and lots of beautiful trees.  Several hundred meters before we made it to our resting point, we were amazed when the trees seemed to vanish and we could see the clouds kissing the mountains around us.  Our first night on the mountain, we got accustomed to our new Casitas, our fancy red tub- showers, the amazing food prepared by our chefs, and waking up to amazing views of Africa.


  1. Very cool, Em! Love M

  2. You never cease to amaze and inspire! Well done Em! Get that summit girl!!

  3. Is that a funnel on your hand ?? ;)