24 September 2012

Day 5

Day 5 started like the four before it, wake up, eat as much as possible, start walking.  This day was special though, Day 5 brought us a healthy dose of mountain breezes.  And when I say breezes, I really mean wind.  As in very very fast moving air.  Air that is fast and cold.  And picks up little bits of stones and dirt to throw in your face.  Our Day 5 climb, the one that went up steeper and steeper for what seemed like an eternity, was extra special with those mountain breezes.

After setting out from Karanga Camp, five hours later, we did made it to Barafu.  Our final camp (at 15,300ft) before we would attempt the summit.  We arrived at Barafu sometime around mid- day and tried to get as much rest as possible because we would be waking up at midnight to start the ascent.  Barafu campsite is nestled into the ridge of the mountain with all of the little tents hiding between the boulders, attempting some sort of shelter.  My favorite part of Barafu, though, was the toilet.  With the mountain breezes, the little wooden shack with the hole in the floor sounded like it might very well blow off the mountain and land in China.  Luckily, though, if stranded in said toilet on a catapulted transcontinental trip, at least you would get to see the world pass you by thanks to the nice little window positioned so inconveniently at non-squatting height :)

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