22 September 2012

On Day 4, when we woke up at Barranco Camp we found ourselves in a beautiful valley with the sun rising behind the mountain, flooding the site with beautiful golden light.  The night before, with the rain, I didn't register how beautiful a place this camp really is.  With the sun, it was spectacular.  Upon waking up, I was, 'eh, slightly groggy after my cocktail of various pain killers the night before, but luckily my headache was completely gone and after a hearty pancake breakfast I felt ready to go again.  

We began the day's hike with a super steep climb up Barranco wall.  I would totally rate this climb 5.something (climber lingo) as it required a hands and feet scramble.  At Barranco we also met up with about 300 other hikers coming from a different route, so the steep ascent got extremely crowded at times which I think made everyone a bit nervous.  Not exactly the best idea to hang out with 299 other people on the edge of a cliff.

The day, overall, though, was quit easy compared to the other days.  We did not climb any higher than we had on the previous days and we finished at Karanga Camp just 1,000 m higher than Barranco so we were adjusted to the altitude.  We got to camp around mid day and had plenty of time to rest, enjoy the scenery, take a short "nature walk" around the campsite and see the beautiful view of Moshi below.    

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