04 September 2012

scenes from the road

A whole nation of people carrying things on their heads.  From 50 litre jugs of water, to baskets of fruit, to harvested plants, and everything in between.  I guess when you've got a long way to walk, just load everything on top so you don't have to carry it.  The bright colors of the women's skirts brought dotted the dried brown cornfields and everything could be seen along the road, Maasai to mini skirts.  

I love sitting in the car and looking out the window.  Its such a way to take in a place, get the feel for it in quick time.  You watch the scenes roll by and the soundtrack plays in your mind.


  1. I hope I can capture so of the wonder sites and people of India. Like you have with your trips. I leave on tues. Sept.11th. Take Care Em.

  2. *some of the wonderful

  3. I also love looking at the window while I travel, I never understand the people that just read the whole time when the world is right out the window! Great photos, happy travels!

  4. Thanks for the comments! Aunt C, writing you an email now, I want to know about this India trip!!!