25 October 2012

getting prepared...

...for Paris!!!!  We leave tonight.  11pm taxi to airport.  2am plane departs for Frankfurt.  again.  by mid morning Friday, I'll be eating my croissant along the Seine.  Pablo lived in France for 7 years.  one of those seven years was in Paris.  my very own tour guide and translator :)

I have a few posts set up to entertain you while I am gone, but besides those, I'll see you in a week!

side note: I bought the map above here and have been embroidering it as we move about the world.  I am aware that Paris is north of Perpignan, it just fit better that way :)


  1. This map is such a great idea, that I might just copy shamelessly when we get home! Have a wonderful time in Paris

  2. do it!!! I love my map! I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday last year and now I embroider it whenever we go somewhere together!