10 November 2012

Science on Saturday

So today I have been thinking a lot about aging (as it is my birthday!!) and science.  This morning, with the start of the Saudi work week, I checked my email to see what I had received over the weekend and low-and-behold, there, I had an email from one Dr. Donald Reish from California State University at Long Beach.  Professor Reish is an expert on Neanthes arenaceodentata the flashy worm shown above.  Pretty gross, huh?  But overall, I tell you this story, not because I care so much about worms, or because the email I got from Dr. Reish was so important, but because Professor Reish is 89 years old.  Eighty nine.  Maybe I'm wrong here, but I think that is A LOT OF YEARS.  This guy has a collection of worms from 1964.  I repeat 1964.  Please correct me if my history is wrong, but I believe 89 years ago was the era of the Model T and before television, and computers, and the internet, and email.  And now, today, on my birthday, I receive and email from a guy that has been doing science since my parents were children.  Crazy.

I guess I've learned two things from this birthday/ science lesson... A. be passionate about what you do B. you're never too old for anything.

Thanks to all of my Senior Citizen readers!!  Your years are appreciated!

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  1. How did Professor Reish find you and are you doing something with his worms?? Cool worm,btw. M

    1. no, i am just helping one of the post docs in my lab ship some worms to our lab here, they are collaborators

  2. Just for the record...if Professor Reish is 89, and he started practicing "worm-ology" at 30, if my calculations are correct, I was not even a child yet. However it is very cool that he is still learning and teaching. Great Pic's of France also!