21 December 2012

guest post: Alli

Thank you for having me, Emily!

My name is Alli and I blog over at The illustrated adventures of Albert Snowbell. Like Em, I love to travel - my husband Rob and I have spent the last seven months photographing and eating our way from China to London through Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Europe. We're heading home to Australia for Christmas.

First, question from em: What makes your life sweet?
'My people' make my life sweet – my wonderfully nutty family, some pretty darn fabulous friends, and a love that makes my world make sense. Rob and I have been friends since we were 13 and 14, sweethearts since we were 15 and 16. We have grown up together, adopted each other’s families, and become each other’s soul mate.  He makes me laugh, almost always does the dishes and pretends he can’t remember my teenage angst. I appreciate all of these equally, and pretend that I have forgotten that he used to have car logos on all of his t’shirts. Our ‘normal life’ is a little crazy, so it has been such a treat to spend the last seven months seeing a bit of the world and just hanging out together. We are beyond excited to catch up with the rest of “our people” for Christmas back in Australia though!

Excited catch ups with Mum and Dad at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul in September
L: Champagne with our families R: Our mums and sisters (on a rather 'sweet' day for us!)
My lovely grandparents (Hi Manna & Papa!), and my copy-cat dress!

Second question from em: What sometimes makes your life a sticky, gooey mess?
Me. I tend to spill things, which netted me the nickname “Whoopsy” at work after the millionth cup of English Breakfast on my keyboard. It gets a little embarrassing. But other than hot drinks in the electronics, it’s just plain old reality that makes our life a mess! February will be a bit of a shock to the system – back to Rob’s crazy hospital rosters, communicating via notes on the kitchen bench and having dinner together once a week. Rob has also just reminded me that my compulsive multi-tasking doesn’t help, either. He has a point, and I definitely don’t intend to work three jobs again. But I think his work roster is more to blame. Can’t we just stay travelling, please?

 - A few pics from China, Mongolia and Uzbekistan -

This isn't an expression Australians usually use, but Happy Holidays everyone!

Wedding photos courtesy of Lisa Atkinson.


  1. Thanks again for having me Em! Safe flight home x

    1. Thank you so much for posting! Your photos are really beautiful. I love how you pulled together the Mongolia/ China photos. Merry Christmas and YOU have a safe return!