02 January 2013


I think that it is time for me to introduce myself.
My name is Chucker (as was written in sharpie on the bottom of my foot over a decade ago).
My name is not Chuckers, Chuck, Charlie, and it is most certainly not little troll.
I might be 3 inches tall and have pink hair, but I am not little.
I snuck along in a suitcase to Rome for a reason.
I am tired of my Troll-life.
I have lived in a plastic bag with my 49 family members since the early 90s.
When we were retired as play toys.
So, I strapped my jeweled candle holder to my back and set out for a new beginning.
Now, I am in Rome, perhaps I will become a Monk.
Or maybe an Italian Stallion, whichever suits me best.