14 February 2013

Medellín, El Moderno

I did not take that many photos while in Medellín, I guess because going there now does not feel so much like a tourist's vacation, but it is more like going home.  I have seen the sights, experienced the newness and sometimes I just forget to document the beauty.  This is a shame and defeats the very purpose of this blog.  To capture everyday adventures, no matter where in the world I am.  Next time, I must work harder to capture it all.  

Luckily, though, one day I remembered to bring my camera with me when we went to the city.  We descended from the mountain into the hot urban sprawl so that Pablo could renew his passport.  While he did that, his sister took me on a little tour of the Plaza de La Libertad.  I could not have had a better tour guide.  As a student studying architecture, she explained to me the various features of the plaza such as the innovative roof of the parking garage that is meant to be a outdoor movie viewing area, the friendly layout of the buildings and green spaces which make going to governmental offices so much nicer, and the Monumento al Pueblo Antioqueño which is an enormous stone and bronze sculpture.  

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