02 February 2013

Science on Saturday: Nudibranch

"nju:di:braenk" are soft bodied marine gastropod mollusks that look like slugs of the sea and are often called sea slugs, but are not.  they are their own unique thing.  they come in all sorts of shapes and colors and they have their brightly tinted lungs hanging outside of their bodies.  cool little creatures.

I just got home from work and I smell like sponge, and not the lavendar sented one hanging in your shower.  no, i smell like straight up decomposing sea sponge.  not pleasant I will tell you.  I've been helping out a class cut open sponges and find little creatures that live in and on them (like Nudis).  for the next few Saturday posts I might be sharing some more of the creatures I have found...

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