29 March 2013

good fun

When not hunting around in the muck, we combed the reefs
for visible signs of larger life forms.  A shimmer on the water,
the breach of a dorsal fin, and then everyone scurries about
for masks and cameras and SPLASH!! we are in the water
trying to keep up with the giant plankton eaters.  It is good
fun, this swimming with whale sharks.  No need to fear giant
teeth ripping me apart, these guys just glide peacefully on,
piloted by the little fish that swim along with them.

**Thanks Casey for the video**


  1. So cool.I loved the video. Sorry I'll miss those giants when I visit. But looking forward to seeing live coral. The coral in the caribbean, for the most part, is dead. So the colorful world of the Red Sea will be sweet!

    1. yes, you'll see lots of coral!

  2. Just one question... How does that Whale Shark know that You are not Plankton?