17 March 2013

local eatery

Not too long ago, we had some visitors here so we thought we would take them out for a special treat.  In the village that is next to our university there is a restaurant on main street that has delicious fish.  The restaurant is called, Fish on Main Street.  Folks are very creative here.

The food is great, though.  For six of us, we got three fish, rice, bread, salads, and kunafa to share.  You can sit outside, propped up on pillows, at a low table, and relax on a cool winter evening.  


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Can't wait to visit! Love M

  2. I thought only men could sit outside? I can smell the inside of that place where the fresh fish are, and I am 6000 miles away.

    1. now, at Fish on Main, foreigners - men and women - are generally allowed to sit in a separate outdoor family section

  3. Yes, how do men mingle with unmarried women?