24 April 2013

Things to do always...

And thus ends our Solo Adventures mini series because I am headed to the Philippines to find Mi Amor!  I hope you enjoyed the "Things to do while he is not around" posts as much as I enjoyed making them.  I feel a bit embarrassed admitting this, but I think blogging about my mini-Adventures helped me to stay focused and engaged despite Pablo's absence.    People say "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" well, to be honest, I think that is a bunch of baloney.  Distance usually makes me irritable and feisty, but if one good thing does come from sporadic absence from loved ones, it is (in my opinion) the acknowledgement of your own purposeful independence.  So, after all of this, I am going to work harder to maintain and recognize this self-awareness even when he is around. 

I will be back in a week, hopefully well-rested, relaxed, bronzed, and maybe just a little bit hung-over!

foto above from Pablo // 1/4 PNG // 2/3 Philippines


  1. AH!!! Have so much fun. I'm doing my best to not feel too jealous. I want to go there SOOOO bad! I met so many lovely Filipinos working in UAE and they are good at selling their country. Can't wait to see the blog posts. Travel safely!

  2. Safe travels and I hope you have an amazing time - I'm also very jealous! Can't wait to see pics.

    And distance makes me irritable too. With you there.

  3. So beautiful!! Would love to be there!