07 June 2013

a little bit cheesy, a little bit delicious

On a more upbeat note in comparison to yesterday's post...

If you every find yourself with a wine list that contains Monbazillac, try it.  If you like sweet wines, which I do, you will not be disappointed.  It smells like autumn.  Leaves on the ground, crisp air, small children in costumes.  And it tastes like the end of summer, the beginning of the season of change.

Surprisingly enough, Pablo introduced me to this nectar of the gods in Manila.  We put on our least sweaty/sandy clothes and went out on our first date in months since he had left for Papua.  Like all annoying couples, we sat on the same side of the booth while we sipped our digestif and listened to the house band.  It felt like the vocalist was singing just for us

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh I can hear the leaves crunching beneath your boots and feel the cozy wool of your best autumn sweater. ;)