24 June 2013

what's up?

Pablo's in Japan.  I'm holdin' down the fort, its been a very lentil-soupy sort of week.  Something about soup and shiny objects (like those pictured above) that seem so comforting when you are flyin' solo.  Its a strugglefest at times, being an independent woman while at the same time missing your best friend.  Should we feel guilty for indulging in one emotion or another.  I think not.  Bring on the fury, bring on the love, bring on the longing.  Bring on. Wonder. Woman.

Slightly distracted from my current topic of "Istanbul" if you hadn't noticed.  Perhaps its the heat getting to me.  Though, then again, perhaps not.  Perhaps, Istanbul is just the city for feeling mixed (and strong) emotions, craving lentils, and sparkly things....


  1. I miss you too preciosa !
    Lots of love from Japan! :)

  2. I miss You tooo. Hurry home

  3. I miss you three, see you next month! Love M