16 July 2013

need I say anything at all?  I am sure your imagination can paint a colorful enough story of this famed house of secrets.  

I will tell you though, that The Harem at Topkapi Palace at times, housed up to 300 concubines plus the royal family of the Sultan.  There are distinct apartments for the mum of the Sultan, his wives, the Harem Eunuchs, princes, and of course, the other ladies that dwelled within.  The structure itself is a labyrinth of sitting rooms and courtyards and passageways.  Only a very small portion of the Harem is open to the public, but what we saw was pretty spectacular.  Ornately inscribed rooms with plush furnishings and intricately paved walkways.  Fancy fountains to muffle whispers and golden walkways where Sultans would shower riches on all.  Pretty much something straight out of Westeros.


  1. Awesome pics Em. I might have to steal some. Love, M

  2. Woah, those tiles! Such elegant work and design. Really beautiful.