12 July 2013

Ramadan Kareem

Happy Ramadan everyone!  May your next month be peaceful and generous!

I thought it was only fitting to make a post about the Blue Mosque at the start of the holy month.  To me, the Blue Mosque is very stunning from the outside.  It is humongous and formidable in all its grey stone glory.  Upon entering the mosque, though, I was slightly disappointed.  While the blue and red and green designs are beautifully intricate, on the whole, I did not find the mosque as impressive as some others that I have visited (like this one).  Perhaps it was the sheer number of tourists passing through the mosque that made it feel less personal and grandiose, or perhaps we only saw a very small portion of the greater establishment, I dunno, but it was cool, though not my favorite of all time.  It was my mom's very first mosque visit though, so it was a historical moment!

and yes, the one time the girl who lives in Saudi doesn't carry a scarf with her, we go to a mosque... nothing says vogue like a blue bed sheet wrapped around your head


  1. I'm always impressed by the mosque when I see it (in photos). Maybe I'll make it here one day. And I'll turn down my expectations for the interior... and maybe then it will be impressive too! ;) Love the bedsheet. Way to get creative!

  2. I know what you mean about the Blue Mosque, but I also loved it because it was a bit simpler and it is so full of light.

    And the blue bed sheet is super stylin' x