27 September 2013

NYC finale // Science on Saturday

The entirety of Earth's biospheres from the present day to 700 million years ago.  A Darwinian dream.  Need I say more?

The American Museum of Natural History is, 'ehem, really freakin' cool.  You can walk through giant Red Wood forests and explore African savanas, see polar bears in the Arctic, and penguins in the Antarctic (or is it the other way around?).  Go hunting with Neanderthals, wave-riding with whales, and even explore the K-T boundary.  No need to mourn any dinos, though, there's piles of bones for weeks worth of viewing.  Forget those ill-evolved reptiles when Earth's most ancient animals are still very much living.  Some might call them simple, but you try fending off invaders at 30 meters below sea level. without. any. arms.  

A beautiful display case with romantic, warm lighting showed off some sponges in all of their glory.  The Cambrian explosion looked like a pretty rad time.

>>>> Thanks NYC for being kind to us!<<<<