19 October 2013

life aquatic

...if we only all had little red beanies....

Blah!!  This past week has been crazy and the one up ahead isn't looking much calmer!  I have lots of presentations coming up, science papers to read and write, and exams to study for (oh ya, did I tell you I'm a student again?!)  And on top of that, remember how I said Pablo just got back from Australia?  Well, he left again yesterday for the US of A.  More meetings about fish, apparently...

...and speaking of fish, we just spent the last three days at sea!  We had a mini research trip and collected lots of sponges (whoot whoot!) and some anemones and spent a whole lot of time with other fun folks from our lab.  More to come on that in a little while....


  1. Spending the time at the sea must be so relaxing! must try this some day

  2. So what are You doing in Your spare time? Hahaha