28 November 2013

amazing illustrations by the great Manalle

Since Thursday is a workday in these parts, we will be celebrating on Friday (which technically will still be Thursday in some parts of the USofA).  Thirty some Turkey Hunters will be gathering to feast on the illusive Arabian bird and no doubt mountains of 'taters, stuffin', sweet yams, cranberry sauce, beans, and corn will also go down the gullet.  We will have pies-galore with cream on the side, and whatever other mystery delectables our strange crowd might bring... mangoes, konafa, pierogi, hibiscus tea?  It will be a Saudi Celebration.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful, international friends! Love M

  2. I am happy to say that I ate enough for You, Dixie, Your two furry Saudi friends, and Pablo.

    See You soon