12 December 2013

adventures in a cinquecento // barcelona to perpignan

El Prat is the closest international airport to Perpignan, so after landing in BCN following a short connection in Jordan, we headed over to rental car alley and signed up for an all inclusive three-day access to the great European Tiny Car Extravaganza.  Our trusty guide turned out to be not only cute, but also equipped with USB port, sunroof, and ample side mirrors perfect for photo ops.  While two-doored, this friend of ours could comfortably seat four, though overpacking is cautioned as claustrophobia hazards are imminent.  

Without skipping a beat, we zipped through Cataluña into Languedoc-Rousillon passing rows and rows of perfectly aligned trees and distant snow-topped Pyrénées mounts.  On the left we passed grape vines, strung out and waiting for spring, and on the right there was the lovely La Jonquera.  But when the signs switched from Catalan to French we new we were getting close, so we pressed our guide forward and soon found ourselves in the home of friends, enjoying delicious cheesy treats.  

Thanks Fiat friend, couldn't have done it without you.

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