04 December 2013

Yahooo!!  The semester is over!

I had my last final exam today and now I can finally rejoice in all that is the holiday season.  I have learned more about copepods and Sverdrup's hypothesis than I ever thought I would.  Chaetognaths and peanut worms have haunted me in my sleep.  It was a semester of all things ocean and now I am ready to come back to Earth and soak up the terrestrial sphere.  What with its conifer trees, snowy precipitation, and abundance of food stuffs.  Like pumpkins, and pies, yule log, other nogs and cookies.  Lots of cookies.

And as it is notably very difficult to get in the holiday mood when you live in the land of eternal sunshine and 90 degree days, where better to go to start the gleeful acclimatization?  


Copious amounts of fermented beverages, good friends, and stinky cheese await us.  We leave in twelve hours, see you in a few days.

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