07 January 2014

Have you ever thought that you were in love, everything seemed to fit just right, in the perfect place, and then you met another and you realized how very very wrong you were?  This new one was everything you couldn't describe that was missing with the first.  Maybe not fireworks and trumpets blaring, but just exactly what you could have ever hoped for.  

With love, there is always another.  One more handsome or tall, rich or successful, funny or generous.  There is always more out there.  But if you really know yourself, you should be able to determine when you've found the one that is really best for you.  The one with whom you are most comfortable, most yourself, most happy, and most in love.

I found this in Castelnou.  I will probably never live in this stone-covered village, I will never know it so well, but I will remember its beauty and the love that I felt there.

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