31 January 2014

Science on Saturday // can science be silly?

On this glorious Saturday, I thought you should have a bit of silliness and science in your life.  As a demonstration of my personal philosophy to promote the unknown, the unappreciated and the understudied in a context of supreme goofiness and lightheartedness, I give you, Science UnSilenced: The Story of the Sponge.

This video was created in an effort to promote the public awareness of science via a mini-course that I and several of my friends took this past January term.  During the creation of this film, we learned that it is very challenging to present scientific information to a broad audience while also getting the facts straight.  In the scientific community, we rely on peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts to tell our laboratory tales, but I am one to believe that while science journals are essential to ensuring the transmission of high quality data, they are not the appropriate story-telling media for a wider audience.  

This, however, is just my own hypothesis.  But as a scientist, I would be curious to collect some data on the matter.  Thus, if you have a few seconds to spare, I would be really interested to know the following...

1. Would you characterize yourself as a scientist?
2. Have you ever read an article in a journal such as PlosOne, Integrative and Comparative Biology, Journal of Experimental Zoology, or any other source of primary literature?
3. Did you watch the video?  What were your thoughts?

The Science UnSilenced team greatly appreciates any and all comments :)


  1. Loved it! Em, you were really good, its hard to act and you pulled it off. The narrator was great, the pictures funny and most importantly I learned about sponges. Cant wait for grandma to see it! Good job guys! I see a future in films for you all. Love M

  2. Ok two sponges up from the Northern judge. Quite humorous, particularly the out-takes.
    Look out Steven Speilberg