10 February 2014

The next day, we went for a hike.  And besides the absolutely beautiful mountaintop view of the reservoir below, we found a cave!  And guess what was inside?  Bats!

I was over the moon.  I love bats.  The way that they huddle together while they are sleeping, with their wings stretched around their furry little bellies.  For goodness sake, they hang upside down!  There are not many animals that have figured out how to do that very comfortably.  And have you ever seen a bat up close?  They have pushed up wrinkly noses and big BIG ears.  All the better to eco-locate with.  Man, I wish I could be a bat.  Just for one day, or maybe even a week.  It would be awesome.

My favorite bat: Ectophylla alba.  Cutest guy e.v.e.r.

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