02 June 2014

My home base has shifted.  After almost four years of living in the desert country, I no longer call Arabia home.  The house has been packed up, the pictures were taken down, the refrigerator was emptied and almost everything we didn't absolutely need was sold.  The few things that we felt attached too… wooden spoons, cozy comforters, cameras, wet suits, many many gigabites of photos and of course the cats (!!)… were boxed up and now reside in the space that we currently live in which is not Arabia and not yet where we are headed.  It is that space of no man's land.  Parents' houses.  Spare closets.  Basements.  We are in between.  More specifically, in between the Americas, north and south that is.  More on all of that to come...

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  1. Tickled to have some of Your belongings in safe keeping in our home.